Studio Franco Design, Cape Town, provides a full range of independent graphic design services, package design, image retouching and boosting, conceptual solutions and project tracking and management services. 


The graphic content of this site represents a design and art portfolio of work done for both advertising and BTL design agencies, as well as private individuals.

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In a world of Infinite Possibilities, Franco Design provides Focused Design Solutions. We utilise independent individuals, world-wide, who provide: Editorial. Flash animation, PHP and MySql programming. Cartooning. Photography and photographic direction.

CONCEPTUAL DESIGN >> In response to increasing demand for environmental and societal driven solutions, and in collaboration with affiliate partners, Studio Franco is engaged in four global projects, two of which are available for examination. Owing to Limitations of Disclosure, the others will be only be available in a short while.

Find out about the Smart Consumer on: Black Pearl and find out what you can do to join.

Discover how very large projects can replace war in: Why War? Why Not Big Projects.

BTL GRAPHIC DESIGN >> the interpretation of dreams into reality… selling dreams… It is inescapable.

As practitioners of Visual Communication with over 30 operation in the “art and science of design” for packaging design, corporate identity, point of sale design and of course, product brochures, restaurant menus and shop signage - Franco Design has the capability and capacity to deliver a cohesive design solution to clients seeking unusual or novel design alternatives that are driven by seductive visual impact.

PACKAGE DESIGN >> Supermarket self-service drives Package Design.
It is the manufacturer’s last chance to sell… Everything we design and manufacture, has to be packaged. Which requires further design. Eventually the design IS the package.
Inseparable from the content. packaging lends Meaning to Our Lives
CORPORATE IDENTITY >>  Packaging Your Business, We produce the entire range of corporate communication co-lateral ranging from iconic branding to vehicle llivery. Share-holder reports, PowerPoint presentations, trade exhibition stand design - and everything in-between.
Before we talk about Logo, let us consider Icon or Symbol. Icons convey religious concepts and are usually sacred.Symbols communicate ideas and the best are universal across all languages. All logos are symbols, some Logos eventually become iconic.. Get BALLS...
ILLUSTRATION Air Brush and Fine Art >>
The majority of work in this Galleria was rendered in airbrush, paint brush, good old paint and pencil, or pen and ink. Some of it was rendered as an expression of self. Most of it was commissioned with a style or ambience in mind – but with my interpretation...
Although I have given up airbrush illustration in favor of digital illustration that uses images derived from photographs – I try to maintain a style that appears real and “painterly” at the same time – which most approximages my original style of photo realist illustration. Your imagination is the limit.
DIGITAL ENHANCEMENT & MANIPULATION >> Apart from digital imagineering, you can commission our services - if your price is right. In this instance a detailed brief is required as well as the type and extent of anticipated end use. This is important, since imaging techniques vary depending on the physical scaling of the art-piece. Nice on A4. Not nice enlarged to 20 x 30 metres. 
As Creative Director, or Film Location Manager, we manage small design teams, larger web development teams and bigger film production crews. So whether it is to get the picture right, or organise 80 yeti's and troglodytes with parking, food requirements, licences and toilets and electricity... one phone call is all it takes...

The Amazing RESUMÉ>>

Check out past service to the design industry for great companies like Paton Tupper Associates, Stable Graphics, Young and Rubicam, BSB Bates Worldwide, Concept Marketing, Planet Art, Siyabona Africa Travel....

>Client Accounts ::
Accounts we have worked on extensively include:
Siyabona Africa,  M-Net China AeroSpace  Tongaat-Huletts SA.Wimpy Foods,ICI Chemical, Yardley Cosmetics, Lever Bros, Elida-Ponds, Bakers,S.A. Breweries, Bromor Foods, Pick ‘n Pay [Corp], Douglas Green, Stellenbosch Farmers Wineries,Jordan Shoes, Cadbury Schweppes,Pioneer Fertilizers, Southern Life Insurance,Honda Motor Cycle, The Argus Group, Community Bank,I & J Foods, Sea Harvest, Protea Hotel Group, Jaguar/Land Rover SA, Sandton Square, Heinz Kasper (Germany), Vexvelt Telemedia Brasil, Michel Laurenz Fashion, ABSA Bank, Woolworths, Pizza Hut, Solar Heat…

Over the past 25 years I have been responsible for concept and design work in - [in SEO terms lets see how many times I can fit in the word " design"]:

  • Conceptual design,
  • Commercial Design
  • Package design
  • Logo design
  • Corporate Identity and Reports
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Fashion Labels
  • Leisure Brochure
  • Interior Concepts
  • Print Media design
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Below-the-Line Media
  • Product Competition Design
  • Web Site and Navigation design
  • PowerPoint and Flash Presentations.

Commercial Illustration/ PhotoShop, FreeHand, Air Brush, Pen & Ink, Traditional paint brush, Acrylics, Inks, Casein...
Product Design and Styling/ Container design including: Extruded aluminum monobloc for deodorants, Cardboard food containers, Glass cosmetics bottles, Extruded plastic liquids containers, Soap tablets, Sun-glasses, Sun-glass cases, Audio-cassette transporters...
Digital Media Presentation/ Director (Movie), Adobe Premiere, PowerPoint
Commissioned Painting/ Air Brush, Pen & Ink, Traditional paint brush, Acrylics, Inks, Casein...
Commissioned Digital Art/ Custom illustration, Image Manipulation, Image Re-Touching Layout and Story Board Visuals/ Pen and Marker, FreeHand Exhibition...
Design/ Corporate exhibition stand design, exhibition set design and assembly Venue design, styling and dressing. Set design.
Photographic Direction and Styling Video Direction/ Art & Script direction, Camera and Sound direction. Video editing and Edit direction

I have worked as a:

  • Freelance Designer and Artist
  • Art Director
  • Creative Director
  • Conceptual Consultant
  • Exhibition Construction, Logistics and Managment D
  • esign Production Assistant
  • Design Production Manager
  • Project Manager

Read my Resume:

Download a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation (6.6 meg)
With regard to ART images on this site. High resolution CMYK Tiff files exist for some of the Commissioned work. For a nominal fee, you may apply to purchase and I will courier a disc to the supplied address of the imaging company that you would use to out-put the art. The files are too large to e-mail. The imaging company will also be supplied with imaging instructions. While I am dealing with them, you can be sure of zero mistakes.

If you see your own "purchased by commission" artwork here - remember that the contract you signed with me was, in most cases, for the work only. If you check your contract. You will see that you did not opt for exclusive rights... meaning that I can sell it again to whom ever I wish.

Production Processes:
We utilise a textured poly-substrate which has a texture similar to canvas. In the unlikely event of cabin de-pressurization, pull the yellow mask… oh wrong script… that you are dissatisfied with the end result, courier the whole lot back to us, at our expense, and you will be will refunded the full amount. But I doubt that will ever have to happen. There have been no refunds yet.

Enquires with regard to commissioning work are welcome.

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The book Vasche Vexvelt, has been MOVED to Wordpress. It is a collection of essays, and extracts from various letters I have written, or that have been written to me. It forms an account of my life experiences. Feel free to plagiarize.
Terms and Conditions:We also like to generate revenue from law suits.

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